Targeting of green fluorescent protein expression to the cell surface.

  title={Targeting of green fluorescent protein expression to the cell surface.},
  author={Maria Simonova and Ralph Weissleder and Nikolai Sergeyev and Nadejda Vilissova and Alexei L. Bogdanov},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={262 3},
We have previously reported on GPI-anchored fusion proteins that bind radioactive isotopes. We targeted their expression to the cell surface to obtain a marker protein detectable by nuclear and optical imaging (1, 2). Here we suggest a novel approach for targeting a model protein (GFP) to the exoplasmic surface of the plasma membrane. An expression vector (pcPEP-GFP) was constructed containing GFP cDNA fused with the fragment encoding the N-terminal cytoplasmic domain and signal peptide… CONTINUE READING