Targeting RICTOR sensitizes SMAD4-negative colon cancer to irinotecan.

  title={Targeting RICTOR sensitizes SMAD4-negative colon cancer to irinotecan.},
  author={Chen Khuan Wong and Arthur William Lambert and Sait R. Ozturk and Panagiotis Papageorgis and Delia Lopez and Ning Shen and Zaina Sen and Hamid Mostafavi Abdolmaleky and Bal{\'a}zs Győrffy and Hui Feng and Sam Thiagalingam},
  journal={Molecular cancer research : MCR},
  • Chen Khuan Wong, Arthur William Lambert, +8 authors Sam Thiagalingam
  • Published in
    Molecular cancer research…
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Deciphering molecular targets to enhance sensitivity to chemotherapy is becoming a priority for effectively treating cancers. Loss of function mutations of SMAD4 in colon cancer is associated with metastatic progression and resistance to 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), the most extensively used drug of almost all chemotherapy combinations used in the treatment of metastatic colon cancer. Here, we report that SMAD4 deficiency also confers resistance to irinotecan, another common chemotherapeutic… CONTINUE READING

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