Targeting Influenza A Virus RNA Promoter.

  title={Targeting Influenza A Virus RNA Promoter.},
  author={Angel Bottini and Surya Kanta De and Bainan Wu and Changyan Tang and Gabriele Varani and Maurizio Pellecchia},
  journal={Chemical biology & drug design},
  volume={86 4},
The emergence of drug-resistant strains of influenza virus makes exploring new classes of inhibitors that target universally conserved viral targets a highly important goal. The influenza A viral genome is made up of eight single-stranded RNA-negative segments. The RNA promoter, consisting of the conserved sequences at the 3' and 5' end of each RNA genomic segment, is universally conserved among influenza A virus strains and in all segments. Previously, we reported on the identification and NMR… CONTINUE READING

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