Targeted oncogenesis in the thyroid of transgenic mice.

  title={Targeted oncogenesis in the thyroid of transgenic mice.},
  author={Jean Feunteun and F M Michiels and P Rochefort and Bernard Caillou and Monique Talbot and B{\'e}n{\'e}dicte Fourn{\`e}s and Luc Mercken and Martin Schlumberger and Roger Monier},
  journal={Hormone research},
  volume={47 4-6},
We have developed mouse models for tumors affecting the epithelial cellular compartment of the thyroid which has been targeted using the bovine thyroglobulin (bTg) promoter. Transgenic mice expressing the human activated c-Ha-Ras gene developed papillary thyroid carcinomas demonstrating the oncogenic potential of activated Ras gene in the thyroid gland. Transgenic mice express the mutant form of the alpha subunit of the adenylate cyclase-coupled G alpha s with mutations at codon 201 (R201H… CONTINUE READING