Targeted exon sequencing by in-solution hybrid selection.

  title={Targeted exon sequencing by in-solution hybrid selection.},
  author={Brendan Blumenstiel and Kristian Cibulskis and Sheila A. Fisher and Matthew Defelice and Andrew P. Barry and Tim Fennell and Justin Abreu and Brian Minie and Maura Costello and Geneva Young and Jared Maquire and Andrew Kernytsky and Alexandre Melnikov and Peter Rogov and Andreas Gnirke and Stacey Gabriel},
  journal={Current protocols in human genetics},
  volume={Chapter 18},
  pages={Unit 18.4}
This unit describes a protocol for the targeted enrichment of exons from randomly sheared genomic DNA libraries using an in-solution hybrid selection approach for sequencing on an Illumina Genome Analyzer II. The steps for designing and ordering a hybrid selection oligo pool are reviewed, as are critical steps for performing the preparation and hybrid selection of an Illumina paired-end library. Critical parameters, performance metrics, and analysis workflow are discussed.