Targeted disruption of the murine Fanconi anemia gene, Fancg/Xrcc9.

  title={Targeted disruption of the murine Fanconi anemia gene, Fancg/Xrcc9.},
  author={Yingzi Yang and Ye Kuang and Rocio Montes de Oca and Thomas S Hays and Lisa Moreau and Naifang Lu and Brian Seed and Alan D' Andrea},
  volume={98 12},
Fanconi anemia (FA) is a human autosomal recessive cancer susceptibility disorder characterized by cellular sensitivity to mitomycin C and ionizing radiation. Six FA genes (corresponding to subtypes A, C, D2, E, F, and G) have been cloned, and the encoded FA proteins interact in a common cellular pathway. To further understand the in vivo role of one of these human genes (FANCG), we generated a targeted disruption of murine Fancg and bred mice homozygous for the targeted allele. Similar to the… CONTINUE READING


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