Target displacements during blinks trigger corrective gaze adaptation.

  title={Target displacements during blinks trigger corrective gaze adaptation.},
  author={Gerrit W. Maus and Patrick Cavanagh and Th{\'e}r{\`e}se Collins and Marianne Duyck and Matteo Lisi and Mark Wexler and David Whitney},
  journal={Journal of vision},
  volume={15 12},
Observers often do not notice when a visual target is displaced during a saccade (Bridgeman et al., 1975). Instead, if the displacement is repeated on several saccades, the oculomotor system adapts so that saccades land near the displaced target (McLaughlin, 1967). Other disruptions of the visual input may also require a recalibration of gaze. Specifically, here we test whether target displacements during blinks lead to similar adaptation of the oculomotor system. Observers were instructed to… CONTINUE READING

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