Target-cell-specific facilitation and depression in neocortical circuits

  title={Target-cell-specific facilitation and depression in neocortical circuits},
  author={Alex Pa{\'u}l Lude{\~n}a Reyes and Rafael Luj{\'a}n and Andrei Rozov and Nail Burnashev and Peter Somogyi and Bert J. Sakmann},
  journal={Nature Neuroscience},
In neocortical circuits, repetitively active neurons evoke unitary postsynaptic potentials (PSPs) whose peak amplitudes either increase (facilitate) or decrease (depress) progressively. To examine the basis for these different synaptic responses, we made simultaneous recordings from three classes of neurons in cortical layer 2/3. We induced repetitive action potentials in pyramidal cells and recorded the evoked unitary excitatory (E)PSPs in two classes of GABAergic neurons. We observed… CONTINUE READING
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