Target Prioritization and Observing Strategies for the NEID Earth Twin Survey

  title={Target Prioritization and Observing Strategies for the NEID Earth Twin Survey},
  author={Arvind F. Gupta and Jason T. Wright and Paul Robertson and Samuel Halverson and Jacob Luhn and Arpita Roy and Suvrath Mahadevan and Eric B. Ford and Chad F. Bender and Cullen H. Blake and Fred R. Hearty and Shubham Kanodia and Sarah E. Logsdon and Michael W. McElwain and Andrew J. Monson and Joe P. Ninan and Christian Schwab and Gudmundur Stef{\'a}nsson and Ryan C. Terrien},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
NEID is a high-resolution optical spectrograph on the WIYN 3.5 m telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory and will soon join the new generation of extreme precision radial velocity instruments in operation around the world. We plan to use the instrument to conduct the NEID Earth Twin Survey (NETS) over the course of the next 5 years, collecting hundreds of observations of some of the nearest and brightest stars in an effort to probe the regime of Earth-mass exoplanets. Even if we take… Expand


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