Target Fragmentation of the Nucleon at High Energies

  • Published 1998


We calculate target fragmentation in pp → nX and γp → nX reactions in the meson cloud picture of the nucleon. The pp→ nX reaction is used to fix the pnπ form factor for two different models. We take into account the possible destruction of the residual neutron by the projectile. Using the form factor from the hadronic reaction we calculate photoproduction and small xBj electroproduction of forward neutrons at HERA. In photoproduction we observe slightly less absorption than in the hadronic reaction. For deep inelastic events (Q > 10 GeV) screening is weaker but still present at large Q. The signature for this absorptive rescattering is a shift of the dσ/dEn distribution to higher neutron energies for photofragmentation.

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