Target-Derived GFRα1 as an Attractive Guidance Signal for Developing Sensory and Sympathetic Axons via Activation of Cdk5

  title={Target-Derived GFRα1 as an Attractive Guidance Signal for Developing Sensory and Sympathetic Axons via Activation of Cdk5},
  author={Fernanda Ledda and Gustavo Paratcha and Carlos F. Ib{\'a}{\~n}ez},
Immobilized and diffusible molecular cues regulate axon guidance during development. GFRalpha1, a GPI-anchored receptor for GDNF, is expressed as both membrane bound and secreted forms by accessory nerve cells and peripheral targets of developing sensory and sympathetic neurons during the period of target innervation. A relative deficit of GFRalpha1 in developing axons allows exogenous GFRalpha1 to capture GDNF and present it for recognition by axonal c-Ret receptors. Exogenous GFRalpha1… CONTINUE READING


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