Tardigrades survive exposure to space in low Earth orbit

  title={Tardigrades survive exposure to space in low Earth orbit},
  author={K. J{\"o}nsson and E. Rabbow and R. O. Schill and M. Harms-Ringdahl and P. Rettberg},
  journal={Current Biology},
  • K. Jönsson, E. Rabbow, +2 authors P. Rettberg
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current Biology
  • Summary Vacuum (imposing extreme dehydration) and solar/galactic cosmic radiation prevent survival of most organisms in space [1]. Only anhydrobiotic organisms, which have evolved adaptations to survive more or less complete desiccation, have a potential to survive space vacuum, and few organisms can stand the unfiltered solar radiation in space. Tardigrades, commonly known as water-bears, are among the most desiccation and radiation-tolerant animals and have been shown to survive extreme… CONTINUE READING
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