Tapered photonic switching

  title={Tapered photonic switching},
  author={Emanuele Galiffi and Shixiong Yin and Andrea Al{\'u}},
  pages={3575 - 3581}
Abstract The advent of novel nonlinear materials has stirred unprecedented interest in exploring the use of temporal inhomogeneities to achieve novel forms of wave control, amidst the greater vision of engineering metamaterials across both space and time. When the properties of an unbounded medium are abruptly switched in time, propagating waves are efficiently converted to different frequencies, and partially coupled to their back-propagating phase-conjugate partners, through a process called… 

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The role that temporal interfaces offer in non-Hermitian physics is unveiled, introducing the dual of PT symmetry for temporal boundaries, and unexplored interference mechanisms enabling extreme energy manipulation are revealed.

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Temporal aiming

This work proposes an idea for changing the direction of the energy propagation of electromagnetic waves by using time-dependent metamaterials, the permittivity of which is rapidly changed from isotropic to anisotropic values, an approach that is called temporal aiming.

Temporal multilayer structures for designing higher-order transfer functions using time-varying metamaterials

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Theory and Design of Multifunctional Space-Time Metasurfaces

This work integrates a wide variety of nonreciprocal applications into a single platform based on spatiotemporally modulated impedance sheets supported by a grounded dielectric substrate and shows that, by engineering the excitation of evanescent modes, non reciprocal interactions with impinging waves can be configured at will.

Space-time-coding digital metasurfaces

  • Lei ZhangX. Q. Chen T. Cui
  • Computer Science
    2019 Thirteenth International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena (Metamaterials)
  • 2019
A general theory of space-time modulated digital coding metasurfaces is proposed to obtain simultaneous manipulations of EM waves in both space and frequency domains, i.e., to control the propagation direction and harmonic power distribution simultaneously.

Antireflection temporal coatings

It is known that complete transmission of waves through the interface between two different media can be achieved by proper impedance matching between them. One of the most common techniques for such