Tapered hollow waveguide for focusing infrared laser beams.

  title={Tapered hollow waveguide for focusing infrared laser beams.},
  author={Satoshi Narita and Yuji Matsuura and Mitsunobu Miyagi},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={32 8},
A tapered hollow waveguide that can focus a laser beam into a small beam spot is proposed for medical and dental applications. We fabricated hollow tapered optics by using a traveling torch, and the shape was formed as a precise linear taper. For a hollow taper tip with input and output diameters of 700 and 200 microm, respectively, the insertion loss is as small as 0.7 dB in a 10 mm long taper. The hollow taper optic producing a 200 microm spot withstands input energy of 100 mJ. Because a… CONTINUE READING