Tapered Quantum Cascade Laser Arrays Integrated with Talbot Cavities

  title={Tapered Quantum Cascade Laser Arrays Integrated with Talbot Cavities},
  author={Yue Zhao and Jin-Chuan Zhang and Feng-min Cheng and Dong-bo Wang and Chuan-Wei Liu and Ning Zhuo and Shen-qiang Zhai and Li-Jun Wang and Jun-qi Liu and Shuman Liu and Feng-Qi Liu and Zhongxiang Wang},
  booktitle={Nanoscale Research Letters},
Power scaling in broad area quantum cascade laser (QCL) usually leads to the deterioration of the beam quality with an emission of multiple lobes far-field pattern. In this letter, we demonstrate a tapered QCL array integrated with Talbot cavity at one side of the array. Fundamental supermode operation is achieved in the arrays with taper straight-end connected to the Talbot cavity. Lateral far-field of the fundamental supermode shows a near diffraction limited beam divergence of 2.7°. The… CONTINUE READING

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