Tape blisters after hip surgery: can they be eliminated completely?

  title={Tape blisters after hip surgery: can they be eliminated completely?},
  author={Kenneth J. Koval and Kenneth Andrew Egol and Rudi N Hiebert and Kevin F. Spratt},
  journal={American journal of orthopedics},
  volume={36 5},
It was recently reported that use of a perforated, stretchable cloth tape instead of silk tape reduced the incidenc of postoperative blisters around the hip from 41% to 10%. The present prospective randomized study was conducted to determine whether use of spica bandage (vs the cloth tape) could further reduce or eliminate the incidence of these blisters. Patients were randomized to 2 treatmen groups: perforated, stretchable cloth tape (Hypafix; Smit & Nephew, Memphis, Tenn) and elastic spica… CONTINUE READING

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