Tanzania's health system and workforce crisis.

  title={Tanzania's health system and workforce crisis.},
  author={Gideon P Kwesigabo and Mughwira A. Mwangu and Deodatus Vitalis Conatus Kakoko and Ina Warriner and Charles A. Mkony and Japhet Z. J. Killewo and Sarah B. J. Macfarlane and Ephata E. Kaaya and P. S. Freeman},
  journal={Journal of public health policy},
  volume={33 Suppl 1},
This introduction to Tanzania's health system and acute workforce shortage familiarizes readers with the context in which health professions education takes place. The paper touches on poverty rates, population growth, and characteristics of the health system. The critical shortage of trained health staff is a major challenge facing the health sector, aggravated by low motivation of the few available staff. Other challenges facing the health sector include lack of effective staff supervision… CONTINUE READING
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