Tanystropheus cf. T. longobardicus from the Early Late Triassic of Guizhou Province, Southwestern China

  title={Tanystropheus cf. T. longobardicus from the Early Late Triassic of Guizhou Province, Southwestern China},
  author={Olivier. Rieppel and Da-yong Jiang and Nicholas C. Fraser and Wei-cheng Hao and Ryosuke Motani and Yuanlin Sun and Zuo-Yu Sun},
The protorosaur Tanystropheus longobardicus is well known from the Middle Triassic of alpine Europe. It has been described on the basis of a number of specimens that apparently range from juvenile to adult. The largest specimens have a total body length of approximately 3 m. Here we report on the first occurrence of a large tanystropheid from the Middle or early Late Triassic of southwestern China. The new specimen is indistinguishable from the largest specimens of T. longobardicus from Europe… CONTINUE READING


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