Tanycytic ependymoma: two case reports and review of the literature

  title={Tanycytic ependymoma: two case reports and review of the literature},
  author={Jun Du and Xiaojun Zhou and Qin-qing Tang and Heng-hui Ma and Hang-bo Zhou and Jiandong Wang and Zhen-feng Lu and Hong-lin Yin},
  journal={Comparative Clinical Pathology},
Two cases of tanycytic ependymoma are reported, one in a woman aged 33 years and one in a man aged 36 years. The woman presented with lesions at L2 and L3 in the spinal cord and clinical symptoms suggested spinal cord compression, such as movement and sensory dysfunction. The man had a lesion located in the lateral ventricle and presented with headache, vomiting, and impaired vision. Both of these patients developed gradual increases in the intensity of their symptoms over a few months prior to… CONTINUE READING


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