Tantalsäure, Niobsäure, (Ilmensäure) und Titansäure

  title={Tantals{\"a}ure, Niobs{\"a}ure, (Ilmens{\"a}ure) und Titans{\"a}ure},
  author={Marignac and Blomstrand and H. Deville and L. Troost and R. Hermann},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r analytische Chemie},
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A fluoride-free liquid-liquid extraction process for the recovery and separation of niobium and tantalum from alkaline leach solutions
Abstract The production of high purity niobium (Nb) or tantalum (Ta) compounds still relies on processes that require highly acidic conditions and concentrated HF or NH4F solutions. Recent progressExpand
Niobium and tantalum processing in oxalic-nitric media: Nb2O5·nH2O and Ta2O5·nH2O precipitation with oxalates and nitrates recycling
Oxalate-based aqueous media represent one of the rare options for solubilizing macroscopic amount of niobium (Nb) and tantalum (Ta) without using toxic fluoride-based mixtures. Recent progress in theExpand
Structural Evolution, Vibrational Signatures and Energetics of Niobium Clusters from Nb 2 to Nb 20
A comprehensive review on geometric and electronic structures, spectroscopic and energetic properties of small niobium clusters in the range from two to twenty atoms, Nbn, n = 2–20, in threeExpand
Selective recovery of niobium and tantalum from low-grade concentrates using a simple and fluoride-free process
Author(s): Deblonde, GJP; Weigel, V; Bellier, Q; Houdard, R; Delvallee, F; Belair, S; Beltrami, D | Abstract: © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. The current hydrometallurgical processes usedExpand
World War II, tantalum, and the evolution of modern cranioplasty technique.
The experiences of wartime neurosurgeons with tantalum cranioplasty played a pivotal role in the evolution of modern crANIoplasty techniques and ultimately led to a heightened understanding of the necessary attributes of an ideal synthetic cranioprostheses material. Expand