Tannaka Duality for Geometric Stacks

  title={Tannaka Duality for Geometric Stacks},
  author={Jacob Lurie},
Let X and S denote algebraic stacks of finite type over the field C of complex numbers, and let X and S denote their analytifications (which are stacks in the complex analytic setting). Analytification gives a functor φ : HomC(S, X) → Hom(S , X). It is natural to ask for circumstances under which φ is an equivalence. In the case where X and S are projective schemes, a satisfactory answer was obtained long ago. In this case, both algebraic and analytic maps may be classified by their graphs… CONTINUE READING

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Categories for the Working Mathematician, Second Edition

  • S. MacLane
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  • 1998
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Geometric Derived Stacks

  • Jacob. Lurie

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