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Tangent of K-theory

  title={Tangent of K-theory},
  author={Benjamin Hennion},
  journal={arXiv: K-Theory and Homology},
We show that the relative algebraic K-theory functor fully determines the absolute cyclic homology over any field k of characteristic 0. More precisely, we prove that the tangent of K-theory, in terms of (abelian) deformation problems over k, is cyclic homology. As a consequence, any structure on K-theory is inherited by cyclic homology. We also show that the Loday-Quillen-Tsygan generalized trace comes as the tangent morphism of the canonical map $BGL_\infty \to K$ mapping a vector bundle to… 



Excision in cyclic homology and in rational algebraic $K$-theory

(for a precise definition, see ?1 below). By replacing everywhere K*( ) by K*( ) ? Q, one obtains the corresponding notion in rational algebraic K-theory. The above definition has an obvious


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When A is a unital ring, the absolute Chern character is a group homomorphism Ch* : K*(A) ? HN*(A), going from algebraic K-theory to negative cyclic homology. There is also a relative version,

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Tsygan: Homology of matrix Lie algebras over rings and the Hochschild homology

  • Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 38(2(230)) pp.217–218,
  • 1983