Tandem mass spectrometry of silver-adducted ferrocenyl catalyst complexes.

  title={Tandem mass spectrometry of silver-adducted ferrocenyl catalyst complexes.},
  author={Cornelius T Martha and Willem-Jan van Zeist and F. Matthias Bickelhaupt and Hubertus Irth and Wilfried M. A. Niessen},
  journal={Journal of mass spectrometry : JMS},
  volume={45 11},
Ferrocene is a popular template in material science due to its exceptional characteristics that offer the ability to optimize the selectivity and activity of catalysts by the addition of carefully selected substituents. In combinatorial catalyst development, the high susceptibility to electrophilic substitution reactions offers the opportunity for the rapid introduction of molecular diversity. Mass spectrometry (MS)-based continuous-flow systems can be applied to rapidly evaluate catalyst… CONTINUE READING