Tanapox: a new disease caused by a pox virus.

  title={Tanapox: a new disease caused by a pox virus.},
  author={A. W. Downie and C. H. Taylor-Robinson and Anne E. Caunt and Grant S. Nelson and P. E. C. MANSON-BAHR and Thomas Matthews},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={1 5745},
Two epidemics of a new virus disease, tanapox, occurred in 1957 and 1962 among the Wapakomo tribe along the Tana River in Kenya. Several hundred people were affected by a short febrile illness with headache and prostration and the disease was characterized by a single pock-like lesion on the upper part of the body. A pox virus, unrelated to the vaccinia-variola group, has been incriminated as the causative agent. The virus has a limited host range and has been grown only in human and monkey… CONTINUE READING