Tanaidacea (Tanaidacea: Crustacea) from Brazil. IV. A new genus and two new species from the family Leptocheliidae

  title={Tanaidacea (Tanaidacea: Crustacea) from Brazil. IV. A new genus and two new species from the family Leptocheliidae},
  author={C. L. Ara{\'u}jo-Silva and K. Larsen},
This study is based on the material collected from REVIZEE Program and under the Petrobras oil-exploration programs.These collections revealed a number of representatives from the family Leptocheliidae in its broadest sense, with descrip-tions of one new genus, Makraleptochelia n. gen., and two new species, M. potiguara n. sp. and Intermedichelia jesseri n. sp. The new genus appears to be closely related to Konarus-Parakonarus-Pseudoleptochelia complex of species anddiffers mainly in the… Expand
A new genus and species of Leptocheliidae (Crustacea: Peracarida: Tanaidacea) from Isla del Coco (Costa Rica).
A single species of Tanaidacea, belonging to a new genus of Leptocheliidae, Cocotanais, was found in sheltered bays, both free-living in the sediment and also as a commensal of anemones (Infraorder Boloceroidaria), thus representing the first reported case of such an association. Expand
A new genus of Tanaidacea (Peracarida, Typhlotanaidae) from the Atlantic slope
Two new species of deep-sea Tanaidacea were collected in the SW and N Atlantic during the scientific cruises organized within the HABITATS and IceAGE initiatives in 2009 and 2011, respectively and accommodated to the newly erected genus Aremus n. Expand
Tanaidacea from Brazil: III. new records and description of a new species collected from REVIZEE-NE Program
A new species of Paratanais Dana, 1852, Paratanais coelhoi sp. nov., is described and new records for Paradoxapseudes intermedius (Hansen, 1895), Intermedichelia gracilis Guţu, 1996, VestigiramusExpand
First Molecularly Confirmed Conspecific Male and Female Pair in Konariinae (Crustacea: Tanaidacea), with the Description of a New Species
This species closely resembles P. kopure reported from New Zealand, but differs in having the ventral process on the chelipedal carpus longer than wide and an elongate plate-like structure that could be a reduced ischium. Expand


New Leptocheliidae (Crustacea: Tanaidacea: Tanaidomorpha) from Australian seagrass and macro-algal habitats, and a redescription of the poorly-known Leptochelia ignota from Sydney Harbour
A new genus (Poorea n. gen.) and five new species collected from shallow macrophyte habitats are diagnosed and a rede-scription provided for the enigmatic tanaidacean Leptochelia ignota on the basis of specimens collected near the Sydney type locality. Expand
Shallow water tanaidaceans (Crustacea: Peracarida: Tanaidacea) from New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands
The Pacific collections by the MUSORSTOM campaigns of the Paris Museum over the last twenty years include a total of four species of Tanaidacea from shallow waters of the New Caledonia region and all new to science, including a species with unusual cheliped carpus morphology which is placed in a new genus as Konarus cheiris. Expand
Tanaidacean phylogeny, the first step: the superfamily Paratanaidoidea
The phylogeny of the superfamily Paratanaidoidea is addressed using computer-assisted parsimony methods and many tanaidacean names have been corrected to make them agree with the presumed Latin stem ‘tanaid-’. Expand
Abstract A summary of terminologies and nomenclature currently or previously employed to describe tanaidacean appendages and somites are presented together with a proposed new standardizedExpand
Postmarsupial Development and Population Dynamics of Leptochelia Sa Vignyi (KrØYer, 1842) (Tanaidacea)
Leptochelia savignyi (Kroyer) ist die haufigste Art im Phytal von Amphiroa fragilissima (L.) Lamouroux, an der Felskuste von Lazaro Beach, Ubatuba, Bundesstaat Sao Paulo, Brasilien. Die erkennbarenExpand
Paratanaoidean tanaidaceans (Crustacea: Peracarida) from littoral and shallow sublittoral habitats in New Zealand, with descriptions of three new genera and seven new species
Family Leptocheliidae Lang, 1973 ; Superfamily Paratanaoidea Lang, 1949; and 6 Suborder Tanaidomorpha Sieg, 1980. Expand
VI.—A new West-Indian Tanaid