Tan's two-body contact across the superfluid transition of a planar Bose gas.

  title={Tan's two-body contact across the superfluid transition of a planar Bose gas.},
  author={Yi-Quan Zou and Brice Bakkali-Hassani and C{\'e}dric Maury and {\'E} Le Cerf and S. Nascimbene and Jean Dalibard and J Beugnon},
  journal={Nature communications},
  volume={12 1},
Tan's contact is a quantity that unifies many different properties of a low-temperature gas with short-range interactions, from its momentum distribution to its spatial two-body correlation function. Here, we use a Ramsey interferometric method to realize experimentally the thermodynamic definition of the two-body contact, i.e., the change of the internal energy in a small modification of the scattering length. Our measurements are performed on a uniform two-dimensional Bose gas of 87Rb atoms… Expand
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