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Tamoxifen enhancement of TNF-alpha induced MnSOD expression: modulation of NF-kappaB dimerization.

  title={Tamoxifen enhancement of TNF-alpha induced MnSOD expression: modulation of NF-kappaB dimerization.},
  author={C. Daosukho and K. Kiningham and E. Kasarskis and W. Ittarat and D. S. St. Clair},
  volume={21 22},
Manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) has been shown to suppress the development of cancer. Tamoxifen (TAM), a nonsteroidal anti-estrogen that is widely used in chemotherapy, is known to be a modulator of antioxidant status. However, the mechanism by which TAM mediates antioxidant enzyme induction remains unclear. In this study we investigated TAM enhancement of MnSOD induction by TNF-alpha. The results show that co-treatment with TAM and TNF-alpha increases the MnSOD promoter/enhancer driven… Expand
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