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Taming the Blackbody with Metamaterials

  title={Taming the Blackbody with Metamaterials},
  author={Xianliang Liu and Talmage Tyler and Tatiana Starr and Anthony Starr and Nan M. Jokerst and Willie J Padilla},
  journal={arXiv: Other Condensed Matter},
In this paper we demonstrate, for the first time, selective thermal emitters based on metamaterials perfect absorbers. We experimentally realize a narrow band mid-infrared (MIR) thermal emitter. Multiple metamaterial sublattices further permit construction of a dual-band MIR emitter. By performing both emissivity and absorptivity measurements, we find that emissivity and absorptivity agree very well as predicted by Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation. Our results directly demonstrate the great… 

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