Talocalcaneal and subfibular impingement in symptomatic flatfoot in adults.

  title={Talocalcaneal and subfibular impingement in symptomatic flatfoot in adults.},
  author={Eric S Malicky and Jay L Crary and Michael J. Houghton and Julie Agel and Sigvard T Hansen and Bruce J. Sangeorzan},
  journal={The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume},
  volume={84-A 11},
BACKGROUND Patients with symptomatic flatfoot deformity often present with pain in the lateral part of the hindfoot. The cause of this pain has not been clearly established. Impingement between the talus and the calcaneus or between the calcaneus and the fibula has been suggested as a cause but has not been documented. METHODS We examined the computed tomographic scans, performed with simulated weight-bearing, of nineteen adult patients with symptomatic flatfoot to determine the potential… CONTINUE READING
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