Tall tales and true: India, historiography and British imperial imaginings

  title={Tall tales and true: India, historiography and British imperial imaginings},
  author={Andrea Major},
  journal={Contemporary South Asia},
  pages={331 - 332}
This slim edited volume presents a series of short articles by scholars from Australia, the United States and Canada, which seek to reinterpret iconic events and personalities from the traditionally accepted tale of the British Raj. By problematising some of the ‘emblematic events and people that have greater resonance and durability than other moments and figures that might appear in the story’ (3), the volume as a whole successfully works to destabilise the grand narrative of British… Expand
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The Revolt of 1857 gave a severe jolt to the British administration in India and made its reorganization inevitable. The Government of India’s structure and policies underwent significant changes inExpand