Talking about pictures: A case for photo elicitation

  title={Talking about pictures: A case for photo elicitation},
  author={Douglas A. Harper},
  journal={Visual Studies},
  pages={13 - 26}
This paper is a definition of photo elicitation and a history of its development in anthropology and sociology. The view of photo elicitation in these disciplines, where the greatest number of photo elicitation studies have taken place, organizes photo elicitation studies by topic and by form. The paper also presents practical considerations from a frequent photo elicitation researcher and concludes that photo elicitation enlarges the possibilities of conventional empirical research. In… Expand
Eliciting a thousand words: A case for photo-elicitation in interpersonal communication research
  • L. Nelson
  • Psychology
  • Qualitative Research Reports in Communication
  • 2019
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