Talking Proper: The Rise of Accent as Social Symbol (review)

  title={Talking Proper: The Rise of Accent as Social Symbol (review)},
  author={Richard W. Bailey},
  pages={269 - 271}


Monophthongal vowel changes in Received Pronunciation: an acoustic analysis of the Queen's Christmas broadcasts
In this paper we analyse the extent to which an adult's vowel space is affected by vowel changes to the community using a database of nine Christmas broadcasts made by Queen Elizabeth II spanning
The Real Professor Higgins: The Life and Career of Daniel Jones
This volume presents the first full-scale biography of Daniel Jones, a preeminent scholar and leading British phonetician of the early twentieth century, and the first linguist to hold a chair at a
The Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh
The writers Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh were great friends, and their friendship gave rise to the 500 letters full of malicious jokes and social gossip, presented in this collection.
Talking Proper: The Rise of Accent as Social Symbol
This study examines the images and issues implicated in the rise of accent as a symbol of social value and identity in the late 18th and 19th centuries. It looks at popular stereotypes of speech and
Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
The "Longman Pronunciation Dictionary" is designed to reflect English as it is spoken and contains authoritative statements on controversial words recording the preferences of a panel of specialists and special treatment of affixes and combining forms.
How to pronounce it
What are U
Noblesse Oblige; An Enquiry into the Identifiable Characteristics of the English Aristocracy.
Note. Contents. Introductionto be announced:. Alan S. C. Ross: U and Non-U: an essay on sociological linguistics. Nancy Mitford: The English Aristocracy. Evelyn Waugh: An Open Letter to the