Talking 'Bout My Antitrust Generation: Competition for and in the Field of Competition Law

  title={Talking 'Bout My Antitrust Generation: Competition for and in the Field of Competition Law},
  author={Fred S. McChesney},
  journal={IO: Regulation},
Twenty-seven years ago I took my law-school antitrust course, from a fledgling assistant professor who had just left the Federal Trade Commission. My performance was adequate, earning one of the better grades in the course, but not spectacular. Unspectacular enough that afterwards the professor said it disappointed him. In retrospect, I think I under-performed because I was a soon-to-be economist as well as a budding lawyer. Like many people back then, I approached antitrust with a presumption… 
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For summaries of the national antitrust regimes of France Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, including their relation to EU law, see ABA Section of Antitrust Law, supra note
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Politics was frequently alleged as the basis for the EU's disapproval of the GE/Honeywell merger. E.g., Priest & Romani
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See Krim, supra note __ (Microsoft's settlement with the Justice Department "represents a remarkable legal turnaround for a company that two years ago faced the prospect of being broken up