Talkin’ Sex: Chicanas and Mexicanas Theorize about Silences and Sexual Pleasures

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Expanding Perspectives and Gaining Leverage: How Migrant Farmworker Women Navigate HIV Risk in Their Close, Long-Term Relationships
Author(s): Albarran, Cynthia R. | Advisor(s): Heilemann, MarySue V. | Abstract: Women around the world are at risk for HIV because they are in close, long-term relationships with male partners who
Divergent Discourses: Medical and Cultural Understandings of Latina Reproductive Health in the Era of Gardasil
In 2006, the vaccine Gardasil was distributed in the United States. Gardasil was created to block four strains of human papilloma virus (HPV), two of which cause about 70% of cervical cancer, and two
Latina Health Activist-Healers Bridging Body and Spirit
Abstract This essay addresses the work of four Latina health activist-healers to show how they challenge the western body/spirit dichotomy from indigenous inspired perspectives that bridge body and
This paper explores the constructions of sexuality and risk by young Mexicanas in California, comparing high school students and university students. These women are at risk of sexually transmitted
Latinas, Heterotopia, and Home: Pedagogies of Gender and Sexuality in Quinceañera
In this article the author discusses Foucault's heterotopia analytic and applies it to a film analysis of Quinceañera. Engaging in feminist and critical media scholarship, the author outlines U.S.
Examining the Sexual Harassment Experiences of Mexican Immigrant Farmworking Women
This study examined sexual harassment experiences of Mexican immigrant farmworking women employed on California farms to highlight how discrimination shapes women’s experiences and demonstrate the need for institutional policies to protect them.
The Schooling of Young Empowered Latinas/Mexicanas Navigating Unequal Spaces
In recent years, important advancement has been documented in the literature about the educational attainment among female Latinas. However, Latina girls and young women continue to face signi fi cant
“Doing Your Life”: Narrative Intervention with Young Mothers as Storytellers
The familiar story about young pregnant and parenting Latinas relies on commonsense logic about the timing of reproductive lives. We explore young mothers' own sense making, captured in local