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Talbotiomyces, a new genus for Entorrhiza calospora (Basidiomycota)

  title={Talbotiomyces, a new genus for Entorrhiza calospora (Basidiomycota)},
  author={K. Vánky and R. Bauer and D. Begerow},
  • K. Vánky, R. Bauer, D. Begerow
  • Published 2007
  • Biology
  • A short overview of the genus Entorrhiza is presented. Based on host plant taxonomy and morphological characters, including septal pore structure, a new genus, Talbotiomyces, is described for the aberrant Entorrhiza calospora. Th is fungus produces galls on various dicotyledonous host plants, whereas Entorrhiza spp. sensu stricto are restricted to monocotyledonous hosts. 
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