Taking the Measure of the Wildest Dance on Earth

  title={Taking the Measure of the Wildest Dance on Earth},
  author={Dana Mackenzie},
  pages={1883 - 1884}
By exploiting the symmetry of randomness, three mathematicians have revealed the geometric underpinnings of the frenetic random dance called Brownian motion. The methods they used seem likely to apply to other random processes, some as familiar as the flow of water through a filter. The proof was presented at the recent Current Developments in Mathematics 2000 conference sponsored by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Stochastic Loewner Evolution

Stochastic Loewner evolution also called Schramm Loewner evolution (abbreviated, SLE) is a rigorous tool in mathematics and statistical physics for generating and studying scale invariant or fractal

Stochastic Loewner Evolution: Linking Universality, Criticality and Conformal Invariance in Complex Systems

  • H. Fogedby
  • Mathematics
    Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science
  • 2009
This paper attempts to provide a simple and heuristic discussion of some of the important aspects of SLE, which fills a gap in the understanding of the critical properties of a variety of lattice models in their scaling limits and supplements the result obtained by means of conformal field theory.