Taking superstitions seriously

  title={Taking superstitions seriously},
  author={Torunn Selberg},
  pages={297 - 306}
This paper discusses how the concepts of superstition and tradition are used in current discourse about new religions. A range of different associations are assigned to these concepts which are used to describe the actual religious situation—at times attacking, but also defending religious multiplicity. 

Les « superstitions » à l’épreuve de la modernité : un retour en grâce ?

Have we finished with superstition, from the point of view of history, of ideas and of psychology? Nothing is less certain. On the basis of some ancient or recent publications on this topic, this

The Evil Eye (għajn) in Malta: Grappling with Skinner’s pigeons and rehabilitating lame ducks1: The Evil Eye (għajn) in Malta

In this paper, I construct a plea for superstition and examine the ways in which contemporary scholars use the term to denote irrational belief. ‘Superstition’ has, throughout history, been used as a

The roles and significance of Wong Pinter, the Javanese Shaman

Exploring the phenomenon of the socio-religio-magico reality in Java called wong pinter which has not been academically examined before, this thesis argues that this social type is a definitely

Changes in Traditions and Material Exchanges

Traditions have remained a significant aspect of social and cultural structure of societies. In this article, changes in traditions associated with vital events in Mohla, a rural community of Punjab,

Partial Fulfillment of MSc by Research Degree Title : Psychological Impacts of Animism and Religiosity on the Igbo People of Nigeria Submitted by Chima

v Chapter One 1  Introduction 1  Research Rationale 3  Research Aims and Objectives 4 Chapter Two – Methodology 5  Methodology and Methods 5  Epistemology and Ontology 7  Sampling and

Social Structural Changes In A Punjabi Village A Sociological Revisit After Over Five Decades

This study is a sociological revisit of a Punjabi village in Pakistan after over 50 years. The village was previously studied by Eglar (1960). Since then no viable research is conducted to throw


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New Age Religion and Western Culture: Esotericism in the Mirror of Secular Thought

Part 1: Orientation: Major Trends in New Age Religion. Preliminary Demarcation of the Field - Channeling - Healing and Personal Growth - New Age Science - Neopaganism - New Age in a Restricted and in

Tradition, genuine or spurious.

LIKE MANY SCHOLARLY CONCEPTS, "tradition" is at once a commonsense and a scientific category. In its commonsense meaning, tradition refers to an inherited body of customs and beliefs. In the social

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Keywords: a Vocabulary of Culture and Society

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