Taking Other Religions Seriously: A Comparative Survey of Hindus in India

  title={Taking Other Religions Seriously: A Comparative Survey of Hindus in India},
  author={Ajay Verghese},
  journal={Politics and Religion},
  pages={604 - 638}
  • A. Verghese
  • Published 1 September 2020
  • Sociology
  • Politics and Religion
Abstract While the study of religion in political science has reemerged as a growing field of inquiry in the last few decades, most research still focuses on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. What religion is and how it is measured has largely been conceptualized through the lens of these Abrahamic faiths. This article, by contrast, examines Hinduism, the world's oldest and third most populous religion. I randomly assigned closed-ended or open-ended surveys about Hindu religiosity across and… 
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