Take a breath of polarized noble gas

  title={Take a breath of polarized noble gas},
  author={Ernst W. Otten},
  journal={Europhysics News},
  • E. Otten
  • Published 2004
  • Physics
  • Europhysics News
sn't that title just a piece of nonsense designed to catch your attention? Whyshould you breathe in the inert noble gas know­ ingthat you need oxygen instead? Maybe an aging singer could mix some helium to his breath when his voice does not meet the high notes anyrnore. Of course, divers exchange nitrogen with helium since even under pressure it hardly dissolves in the blood and hence averts the danger ofbubbling and embolism when the pres­ sure is released. But do not mix it up with a xenon… Expand
Recycling of 3He from lung magnetic resonance imaging
The means to recycle 3He exhaled by patients after imaging the lungs using magnetic resonance of hyperpolarized 3He, which features high purity, which is required for repolarization by metastability exchange optical pumping, is developed. Expand
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Hyperpolarized gas MRI in pulmonology.
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Assessment of lung microstructure with magnetic resonance imaging of hyperpolarized Helium-3
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Hyperpolarised 3He MRI and 81mKr SPECT in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
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Progression of emphysema evaluated by MRI using hyperpolarized 3he (hp 3he) measurements in patients with alpha-1-antitrypsin (a1at) deficiency compared with CT and lung function tests
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