Tailoring new bisphenol a ethoxylated shape memory polyurethanes

  title={Tailoring new bisphenol a ethoxylated shape memory polyurethanes},
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Controlling tackiness of shape memory polyurethanes for textile applications
Tackiness is an important parameter to take into account in order to obtain new materials with the desired properties for textile applications. Among these new materials, shape memory polymers (SMPs)


Influence of the soft segment nature on the thermomechanical behavior of shape memory polyurethanes
Shape-memory polyurethanes (SMPUs) represent a highly interesting class of materials due to their applications in different sectors such as biomedical, textile, and aerospace. Moreover, it is
Structure and Mechanical Properties of Shape Memory Polyurethane Based on Hyperbranched Polyesters
SummaryHyperbranched shape memory polyurethane (HB-SMPU) were prepared from 4,4’-diphenylmethane diisocyanate, poly (butylenes adipate) glycol, and hyperbranched polyester as chain extender via a
Effect of molecular weight on shape memory behavior in polyurethane films
Understanding the relationship between the number-average molecular weight (Mn) and the shape memory behavior of polymers is crucial for a complete picture of their thermomechanical properties, and
Insights into liquid-crystalline shape-memory polyurethane composites based on an amorphous reversible phase and hexadecyloxybenzoic acid
Liquid-crystalline polymers and shape-memory polymers are attractive to many researchers. This paper proposes a strategy to prepare liquid-crystalline shape-memory polyurethane (LC-SMPU) composites