Tailored interventions to enhance osteoporosis prevention in women.

  title={Tailored interventions to enhance osteoporosis prevention in women.},
  author={Carol A Sedlak and Margaret OʼBryan Doheny and Patricia J Estok and Richard Allen Zeller},
  journal={Orthopedic nursing},
  volume={24 4},
  pages={270-6; quiz 277-8}
PURPOSE The purpose of this pilot study was to determine if tailored nursing interventions based on personal knowledge of bone mineral density from a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry cause increases in knowledge of osteoporosis, health beliefs, or osteoporosis-prevention behaviors in postmenopausal women 50-65 years of age, 6 months after the intervention. METHOD The design for this pilot study was a two group quasi-experimental design. The treatment group received a tailored intervention… CONTINUE READING
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