Tailored Subcycle Nonlinearities of Ultrastrong Light-Matter Coupling.

  title={Tailored Subcycle Nonlinearities of Ultrastrong Light-Matter Coupling.},
  author={J. Mornhinweg and Maike Halbhuber and Cristiano Ciuti and Dominique Bougeard and Rupert Huber and Christoph Lange},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={126 17},
We explore the nonlinear response of tailor-cut light-matter hybrid states in a novel regime, where both the Rabi frequency induced by a coherent driving field and the vacuum Rabi frequency set by a cavity field are comparable to the carrier frequency of light. In this previously unexplored strong-field limit of ultrastrong coupling, subcycle pump-probe and multiwave mixing nonlinearities between different polariton states violate the normal-mode approximation while ultrastrong coupling remains… Expand
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