Tailor-made three-dimensional hybrid scaffolds for cell cultures.

  title={Tailor-made three-dimensional hybrid scaffolds for cell cultures.},
  author={Stylianos E Psycharakis and Androniki D. Tosca and Vasileia Melissinaki and Anastasia Giakoumaki and Anthi Ranella},
  journal={Biomedical materials},
  volume={6 4},
The construction of the ideal three-dimensional scaffold for cell culture is one of the most intriguing topics in tissue engineering. It has been shown that cells can be cultured on most organic biomimetic materials, which now are losing popularity in favour of novel, hybrid systems. In this study, a series of photosensitive sol-gel hybrid materials, based on silicon-zirconium and silicon-titanium oxides, have been investigated for their suitability in three-dimensional scaffold fabrication… CONTINUE READING

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