Tagging the dwarfing gene Ddw1 in a rye population derived from doubled haploid parents

  title={Tagging the dwarfing gene Ddw1 in a rye population derived from doubled haploid parents},
  author={T. Tenhola-Roininen and P. Tanhuanp{\"a}{\"a}},
  • T. Tenhola-Roininen, P. Tanhuanpää
  • Published 2009
  • Biology
  • Euphytica
  • To prevent lodging and sprouting damage in rye, a dominant dwarfing gene, Ddw1, has been incorporated into breeding lines to reduce plant height in Finland. [...] Key Method In addition, SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) markers were created from the endosperm-specific β-amylase gene and the microsatellite locus REMS1218 expressed in rye and known to be located near Ddw1. The best marker was a combination of the microsatellite REMS1218 and the SNP created from it, located 13 cM from the QTL corresponding to…Expand Abstract
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