Tagesprofile von Plasmaaldosteron,-Cortisol, -Renin, -Angiotensinogen und -Angiotensinasen bei Normalpersonen

  title={Tagesprofile von Plasmaaldosteron,-Cortisol, -Renin, -Angiotensinogen und -Angiotensinasen bei Normalpersonen},
  author={D. Lommer and A. Distler and H. Nast and K. Sinterhauf and U. Walter and H. Wolff and K. Sieler},
  journal={Klinische Wochenschrift},
SummaryPlasma cortisol and renin were estimated in 1 h intervals, plasma aldosterone, angiotensinogen and angiotensinases in 3 h intervals over periods of 24 h in six normal volunteers (age 20–26) under control conditions and subsequently under suppression of ACTH released by dexamethasone.Highest cortisol levels were found around 7 a.m., minimum levels between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. Dexamethasone reduced cortisol to constantly low concentrations.Aldosterone was highest around 4 a.m. under control… Expand
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Augmented circadian rhythm of the intrarenal renin–angiotensin systems in anti-thymocyte serum nephritis rats
Intrarenal RAS components, such as AGT, AngII and AT1R proteins, were increased and the amplitude of the oscillations of these proteins was augmented in ATS nephritis rats, and Interestingly, renal damage may be linked to the activation of the intra Renin–angiotensin system independent of the amplitudeof its oscillations and BP. Expand
Control of plasma aldosterone in diabetic patients with hyporeninemic hypoaldosteronism
The results demonstrate that a reduced sensitivity of the adrenal gland to ACTH is not responsible for the observed subnormal plasma aldosterone levels in patients with diabetes and hyporeninemic hypoaldosteronism. Expand


Circadian rhythm of plasma aldosterone concentration in patients with primary aldosteronism.
The data suggest that patients with primary aldosteronism have a circadian rhythm of plasma aldosterone mediated by changes in ACTH, similar to the circadian pattern of plasma cortisol in the same patients. Expand
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The effect of stimulating and suppressive influences on plasma aldosterone in normal man and in patients with primary aldosteronism were studied using a sensitive double-isotope derivative assay forExpand
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The results indicate, that the described procedures may all serve as diagnostic criteria to differentiate between aldosterone-producing adenoma and idiopathic adrenal hyperplasia. Expand
The assumption that ACTH played an important role in the regulation of aldosterone secretion in primary aldosteronism was strengthened by the observation that, contrary to normal controls, dexamethasone produced a significant decrease in plasma ald testosterone concentrations and that during suppression of ACTH secretion no secretory episodes of a Aldosterone were observed. Expand
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Elevations of PRS which occur in Cushing's syndrome or with administration of glucocorticoids, oral contraceptive agents, or estrogens are sufficient to significantly elevate the renin substrate reaction in plasma, and glucOCorticoid excess appears not to suppress plasma renin activity even when reaction rates are corrected for increased PRS. Expand
Diurnal variation of plasma aldosterone, cortisol and renin activity in supine man.
Data from this study show that when cortisol secretion was suppressed by dexamethasone, the hours of peak plasma aldosterone levels were the same, and these peak levels were not always related to renin, which is compatible with a common determinant for ACTH and ald testosterone secretion rhythms in supine man. Expand
Characterization of the normal temporal pattern of plasma corticosteroid levels.
The present studies delineated more precisely the time course of adrenal secretory activity in the normal human and patients with Cushing's syndrome, by measurement of plasma corticosteroid and ACTH levels half-hourly throughout the 24 hr cycle. Expand
Intradiem changes of plasma aldosterone, cortisol, corticosterone and growth hormone in sodium restriction.
ABSTRACT Aldosterone, renin activity (RA), cortisol, corticosterone, growth hormone (GH), Na and K in the plasma of 4 normal, Na-restricted subjects were measured half-hourly over a 24–26-hr period.Expand
A diurnal rhythm in plasma renin activity in man.
Attention is focused for the first time on the question of whether there might be a consistent diurnal rhythm in plasma renin activity, which is a function of the time of day rather than the duration of upright posture. Expand
Effects of glucocorticoid administration on aldosterone excretion and plasma renin in normal subjects, in essential hypertension and in primary aldosteronism.
The raised aldosterone excretion occurring in salt depleted normal subjects and in patients with primary aldosteronism was significantly suppressed by hydrocortisone administration and other possible reasons for the glucocorticoid-induced decreases in ald testosterone excretion were considered. Expand