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Tag Recommendation using Folksonomy Information for Online Sound Sharing Platforms

  title={Tag Recommendation using Folksonomy Information for Online Sound Sharing Platforms},
  author={Frederic Font},
  • F. Font
  • Published 2015
  • Computer Science
Online sharing platforms host a vast amount of multimedia content generated by their own users. Such content is typically not uniformly annotated and can not be straightforwardly indexed. Therefore, making it accessible to other users poses a real challenge which is not specific of online sharing platforms. In general, content annotation is a common problem in all kinds of information systems. In this thesis, we focus on this problem and propose methods for helping users to annotate the… 
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Sound Sharing and Retrieval
This chapter describes how to build an audio database by outlining different aspects to be taken into account and discusses metadata-based descriptions of audio content and different searching and browsing techniques that can be used to navigate the database.
Learning Contextualized Music Semantics from Tags Via a Siamese Neural Network
Comparative results suggest that the recently proposed approach based on a Siamese neural network outperforms previous approaches in terms of semantic priming and music tag completion.


Folksonomy-based Tag Recommendation for Online Audio Clip Sharing
This paper proposes four algorithm variants for tag recommendation based on tag co-occurrence in the Freesound folksonomy and shows how specific strategies for selecting the appropriate number of tags to be recommended can significantly improve algorithms’ performance.
Folksonomy-Based Tag Recommendation for Collaborative Tagging Systems
The authors present a general scheme for building a folksonomy-based tag recommendation system to help users tagging online content resources and show how novel strategies for selecting the appropriate number of tags to be recommended can significantly improve methods performances.
Analysis of the Impact of a Tag Recommendation System in a Real-World Folksonomy
This work deeply analyze the impact of a tag recommendation system in the folksonomy of Freesound, a real-world and large-scale online sound sharing platform and suggests that tag recommendation effectively increases vocabulary sharing among users of the platform.
A tag recommendation system for folksonomy
This paper proposes a tag recommendation system for two different cases: the first case is that the active user or active resource is a new one which has not appeared in the past while the second case was that theactive user and resource has already been posted.
This paper analyzes the folksonomy of Freesound, an online audio clip sharing site which contains more than two million users and 150,000 user-contributed sound samples covering a wide variety of sounds, and compute some metrics that characterize the guysonomy both at the global level and at the tag level.
Tag Recommendation for Folksonomies Oriented towards Individual Users
This paper suggests and evaluates potential sources of recommended tags, focusing on folksonomies oriented towards individual users, and proposes a three-step tag recommendation system, based on a lexicon based on co-occurrences of tags within resource’s posts.
Tag suggestion and localization in user-generated videos based on social knowledge
A system for video tag suggestion and temporal localization based on collective knowledge and visual similarity of frames is presented, which suggests new tags that can be associated to a given keyframe exploiting the tags associated to videos and images uploaded to social sites like YouTube and Flickr and visual features.
Flickr tag recommendation based on collective knowledge
This paper analyzes a representative snapshot of Flickr and presents and evaluates tag recommendation strategies to support the user in the photo annotation task by recommending a set of tags that can be added to the photo.
Social semantic cloud of tags: semantic model for folksonomies
This model, called Social Semantic Cloud of Tags, aims to provide a consistent format of representing folksonomies and some features in terms of tagging activities, and describes core concepts and relevant properties such as a popularity and usage of tags, along with deduced relationships between tags.