Tactile information transfer: a comparison of two stimulation sites.

  title={Tactile information transfer: a comparison of two stimulation sites.},
  author={lan R Summers and Jon J Whybrow and Denise A Gratton and Peter Milnes and Brian H. Brown and John Chester Stevens},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={118 4},
Two experiments on the discrimination of time-varying tactile stimuli were performed, with comparison of stimulus delivery to the distal pad of the right index finger and to the right wrist (palmar surface). Subjects were required to perceive differences in short sequences of computer-generated stimulus elements (experiment 1) or differences in short tactile stimuli derived from a speech signal (experiment 2). The pulse-train stimuli were distinguished by differences in frequency (i.e., pulse… CONTINUE READING