Tactile experience induces c-fos expression in rat barrel cortex.

  title={Tactile experience induces c-fos expression in rat barrel cortex.},
  author={Robert Kuba Filipkowski and M Rydz and Bozena Berdel and Joanna M. Moryś and Leszek Kaczmarek},
  journal={Learning & memory},
  volume={7 2},
Understanding gene expression that is responsive to sensory stimulation is central to elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal plasticity. In this study we demonstrate two new methods of stimulating whiskers that provide major sensory input to rat neocortex. In the first paradigm, animals were placed on the top of a cylinder and their vibrissae were brushed by hand. In the second paradigm, animals were placed for a brief period of time into a new, wired cage resulting in vibrissae… CONTINUE READING
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