Table-top soft x-ray microscope using laser-induced plasma from a pulsed gas jet.

  title={Table-top soft x-ray microscope using laser-induced plasma from a pulsed gas jet.},
  author={Matthias M{\"u}ller and Tobias Mey and J{\"u}rgen Niemeyer and Klaus Mann},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={22 19},
An extremely compact soft x-ray microscope operating in the "water window" region at the wavelength λ = 2.88 nm is presented, making use of a long-term stable and nearly debris-free laser-induced plasma from a pulsed nitrogen gas jet target. The well characterized soft x-ray radiation is focused by an ellipsoidal grazing incidence condenser mirror. Imaging of a sample onto a CCD camera is achieved with a Fresnel zone plate using magnifications up to 500x. The spatial resolution of the recorded… CONTINUE READING

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