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Title of Document: ARCHFILM: CINEMA AND THE ARCHITECTURAL PROMENADE Dominic Michael Aello Master of Architecture, 2011 Thesis directed by: Professor of the Practice, Peter Noonan, AIA Architecture Archfilm: Cinema and the Architectural Promenade, engages and addresses the complex and interwoven relationship between the virtual world of cinema and the built environment. The thesis questions whether the architectural promenade, enhanced by the cinematic use of sequence and montage, can create an… 


The Architecture of Image: Existential Space in Cinema
The Architecture of Image explores the shared experiential ground of architecture and cinema through the notion of existential space. Cinema projects experientially true images of life, whereas
Contemporary Curtain Wall Architecture
Recent years have seen a rapidly growing interest among contemporary architects in the use of curtain walls to createinnovative, attention-grabbing building facades. With new concerns about the
Global Cities: Cinema, Architecture, and Urbanism in a Digital Age
"Racing across the disciplines of architecture, sociology, media studies, and cultural studies, and sites like Berlin, Tokyo, and San Diego, this collection is unique in its ecumenical approach to
Architecture form, space and order
A series of digital presentations that relates the conceptual to the perceptual aspects of architecture by overlaying photographs and drawings with diagrams to help the viewer identify elements and abstract principles from what is seen in a book or on a monitor.
Questions of Cinema
Preface 1 On Screen, in Frame: Film and Ideology 2 Narrative Space 3 On Suture 4 Film Performance 5 Film, System, Narrative 6 The Question Oshima 7 Repetition Time: Notes Around
Cinematic Urbanism: A History of the Modern from Reel to Real
Introduction: The Cinematic City and the Quest for the Modern 1. Industrial Modernity: The Flaneur and the Tramp in the Early Twentieth Century 2. Urbanizing Modernity: The Traditional Cinematic
The Five C's of Cinematography
One that the authors will refer to to break the boredom in reading is choosing the five c s of cinematography as the reading material.
Cities and cinema
Section 1 1. Modernity and the City Film: Berlin 2. The Dark City: Film Noir - Los Angeles 3. The City of Love: Paris Section 2 4. City Film Industry: Hong Kong 5. The Divided City and the City in
Lighting and sound
This book is a comprehensive introduction to the art of theatre lighting and sound. It can be used by the novice who aims to become expert, or by the experienced technician to improve working
Designing dreams: Modern architecture in the movies
Where you can find the designing dreams modern architecture in the movies easily? Is it in the book store? On-line book store? are you sure? Keep in mind that you will find the book in this site.